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Author: Eileen Napier

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RECIPE: One Pan Apple Pork Chop Dish

I love a recipe that harmonizes just the right flavors all in one pan.  Fresh fruit and herbs are contrasted by tangy mustard, and they simmer together and blend with savory pasture raised pork chops to bring you joy on a plate.  Ingredients 2 Tbsp olive oil4 Ramstead Ranch pork chops or pork steaks2 tsp Dijon mustard2 C bone broth2 Tbsp fresh herbs, rosemary works well, thyme or sage would work well, too, and best you use a blend.2 medium apples, sliced thin1 large onion, sliced thinSalt and pepper to taste Tools 12-inch skillet or cast ironWisk, bowl, and a nice, sharp knife Instructions Thaw pork chops and season with salt and pepper.Add 1 Tbsp to your pan and heat on high until oil smokes.  You want you pan HOT!Sear pork chops, about 2 min per side.  Remove the chops from heat.Lower heat to medium high.  Add 1 Tbsp olive oil to pan.  Heat oil and add onions and apples.  Turn occasionally slightly toasted, about 5 min.  Add salt, pepper, and fresh herbs, and stir.  Cook onions until they are translucent.Whisk together bone broth and mustard, and add to apple-onion mixture.  Nest pork chops in pan making sure to surround the chops with the apple-onion mixture.Simmer for additional 4 min, until chops are cooked through.Enjoy!

RECIPE: Ready for Summer Rhubarb Cilantro Dip

I love a recipe that handed off on a post it because I begged to know how to make it. Shadow brought this one to the ranch last week, and I’ve been bugging her to give me the details since. It’s a super flexible recipe. Keep the ingredients fresh and raw, and you’ll have a salsa or relish for your wraps. Prep the veggies with a little blanching and simmering, you can turn it into a sauce for slathering on delicious meats as well. And any excuse to use more of that prolific rhubarb is a win in my book.

RECIPE: Baked Lemon Herb Chicken Legs

We saw this recipe in a social media post from our friend and holistic health practitioner Pam Langenderfer of Lakeside Holistic Health in Coeur d’ Alene. We adapted it to our taste, and we highly recommend you try it. Delicious and easy to prepare, you probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry already.

RECIPE: Chicken Shawarma

Make this chicken salad your next party dish. With crisp garden veggies and delightful, aromatic seasonings, chicken salad has never been so well dressed.

RECIPE: Pork Steak With Stone Fruits

Pork steaks have special, robust flavor that sets them apart from even the most delicious pork chop. When you slow cook them with seasonally fresh fruits, the mix is magical. Berries, peaches, and apricots top my list of recommended fruit to try. You’ll be dazzled! (Psst: this is a great way to use any bruised or not-so-perfect fruits from your harvest.)

Special BBQ

This year, we got to take part in an exciting pilot project with our neighbors, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians. This project helped them reduce food waste from the kitchen side of their nearby Kalispel Casino, just down the road in our beautiful Pend Oreille County.

RECIPE: Juicy Smoked Turkey

We think a well-smoked turkey is a delicacy! The Traegers and the Big Green Eggs on the market sure help to make smoking meat easy to get right. If you want a great resource for getting deeper in the details, we recommend following this guy....

RECIPE: Roasting Your Pasture Raised Ham

Our delicious pasture raised hams come to you fully cooked. The same goes for ham steaks—a great option if you want smaller portions for your meal. The process of preparing ham or ham steaks for dinner is just a matter of warming them thoroughly without drying them out. Here are some handy time and temperature suggestions.

RECIPE: Cooking Pasture Raised Turkey

Before diving into the recipe details, there are two keys to success you want to adhere to when cooking pasture raised turkey vs “organic” or conventionally raised birds. 1) Plan to cook your bird at 325˚F for 12-15 min. per lb. 2) While the recommended safe cooking temperature of poultry is 165˚F, connoisseurs tell us that 145˚F is a better internal temperature to target. Your dark meat will be fully cooked, and the breast meat will be moist and delicious. Your pasture raised turkey will be incredibly delicious if you don’t overcook it.

RECIPE: Sizzling Side Pork

Want minimally processed bacon on your plate? Side pork is pristine, no-ingredients-added pork belly, sliced up and ready to fry. We like to call it naked bacon because it comes from the same cut as bacon, but no ingredients or processing has been added to the meat. To get that great crispy, savory flavor that bacon provides, you’ll want to add a few steps before you fry up your side pork. Here are a few flavor varieties to try. Cook them up in a skillet or try them on your grill/smoker. It’s delish!