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Author: Eileen Napier

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The pasture is better when we graze together

Our rams spend most of the year in a group SEPARATED from the rest of the sheep herd.  We like to have them graze along side their cow friends because the two different animals prefer to eat different plants.  When they graze together they consume the pastures more evenly.  No one plant gets overgrazed OR under-grazed.  Our fields stay lush and diverse longer into the season.   As farmers, we call it "mixed species grazing," and we think it is a wise approach to keep the grass growing, which keeps the microbes in the soil active, which keeps the nutrition from the earth cycling to the plants, which keeps the animals healthy, which is all part of the magical process of eco-farming and why we love what we do!   There is a never ending cycle happening here between soil, plant, animal and atmosphere.  We try to learn from it, and facilitate its health however we can!