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Meet the Ramstead Ranch Crew

The team that makes it all happen

  • Stan Hayes
    Stan Hayes
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Jean Hayes
    Jean Hayes
    Co-Founder & Master Fiber Artist
  • Eileen Napier
    Eileen Napier
    Co-Founder & Head of Marketing
  • Sarah Hayes
    Sarah Hayes
    Chief of Staff & Accountability Engineer
  • Nate Bitz
    Nate Bitz
    Farmers Markets & Head of Friendliness
  • Floyd Boan
    Floyd Boan
    Driver & Broken Equipment Diagnostics
  • Cassidy Cornell
    Cassidy Cornell
    Social Media Maven
  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy
    Fulfillment & Delivery
  • Shadow Murphy
    Shadow Murphy
    Fulfillment & Behind-the-Scenes Glue
  • Tana Rice
    Tana Rice
    Fulfillment & Freezer Queen
  • Jerrod Wendt
    Jerrod Wendt
    Operations Manager & Ultimate Animal Care Manager
  • Shannon Willett
    Shannon Willett
    Fulfillment & Packing
  • Aubrey Gallegos
    Aubrey Gallegos
    Former Customer Service & Current Team Member Emeritus

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Recipes

Ramstead Staff: Behind the Scenes


Nate with his happy chickens!


Jerrod, Eileen, Stan, and Jean, out standing in their field.  Photo credit: Sara Rife


Shadow enjoying her favorite hobby--fishing!


Our wonderful farmers market crew!  Dan, Shadow, Nate, and Eileen are ready to share amazing recipes, delicious meats, and a friendly smile.


Eileen getting some nose scratches in with our pigs.


Stan and Jerrod toasting to good burgers.


Stan with Max the horse.  Photo credit: Sara Rife


Tana and her cow, ready to deliver her first calf, any day now.


Stan and the herd, looking happy to be out on pasture.


Stan and Floyd fixing big stuff.


Job perks.  Tana and Monica, cuddling newborn lambs.


Jerrod and his daughter hug a lamb.


Jean getting ready to enjoy a Ramstead burger at American Pie Drive In, Metaline, WA.


Stan and Eileen having some tractor fun, whistling while they work.


Stan enjoying a sit down with the pasture pigs.  The pigs, getting to know Stan a bit better. 


Aubrey and her dog sharing a BBQ Pulled Bison Burger.

We strive to be an excellent employer by:

• Offering good hours and fair wages, and empowering our employees.  

• Systematizing tasks to make them efficient, simple, and easy to teach and complete.  

• Organizing projects and tasks so that they can be used as teaching tools. 

• Maintaining written agreements between Ramstead Ranch and all employees.

• Holding ourselves accountable through planning and follow-up.


We leverage our creative business plan to act as an inspiration by demonstrating success. This enables us to support others in charting a course for their own success in regenerative, profitable farming.