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⭐ 100% Grassfed & Grassfinished
⭐ Sustainably raised
⭐ Nutrient dense

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Bison Bonanza Box

100% Grassfed Bison Burger & Steaks

Grill ⭐ Sear ⭐ Fry

100% Grassfed Bison Roasts & Ribs

Roast ⭐ Slow Cook ⭐ Smoke

Bison Life

100% Grassfed & Grassfinished

The bison we offer is raised exclusively at Stangel Bison Ranch, a family-owned and operated business located in Enterprise, OR. 

They value the humane treatment of their wonderful animals.  Their respect and connection to the land translates to a dedication to ranching in harmony with nature, so the ecosystem can thrive long into the future.

Need Recipe Inspiration?

These straight-forward recipes will help you prepare your 100% grassfed/grassfinished bison with success!