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Grassfed and Grassfinished

Grassfed and grassfinished products come from animals that were never fed grain.  They either drank their mother's milk, grazed pastures, or ate hay and/or non-GMO alfalfa.  

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No Hormones or Steroids

Animals are not given supplemental steroids or homones.  

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Not Fed Drugs or Antibiotics

Animals are not given a sub-theraputic dose of drugs or antibiotics.

We practice wholistic animal management to optimize the health of the animals and the land to prevent illness before it happens.  However, in certain cases we will treat our animals with medication including antibiotics if it prevents death or suffering. In such cases the prescribed withdrawal period will be doubled before animals go to the butcher.  We feel this is a practical approach to ensure wise stewardship and ethical treatment of our livestock.

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The products labled GMO-Free come from animals that have never eaten grains, forages, or supplements derived from GMO crops.  Additionally, any products that have seasoning or flavoring added do not include GMO derived products. 

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No confinement.  No feed lots.  Animals are raised out in the pastures and woodlands where they have room to roam.  In winter, animals have access to shelter, but they spend most of their time outside in the fresh air.  "Pasture-raised" describes the living conditions of the animals.  To find products from animals that have been fed exclusively from pastures and grasses, see "Grassfed and Grassfinished."  


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No Animal By-products

Animals were never fed the by-products of other animals.  Pigs and chickens are allowed to forage and grub for whatever they naturally find in the pastures and wooded areas.

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Fed Non-GMO Grains

Animals are given free-choice grains that are locally milled and come from non-GMO sources such as peas and barley.  This protocol refers to our flocks of poultry and our pig herd.  These animals add diversity to their diet by foraging for grasses, shrubs, and the variety of treats they can find in our pastures and woodlands. 

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Products are flavored without the use of monosodium glutamate.

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