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Value Bundles

Enjoy a wide variety of delicious cuts of our grassfed and pasture raised meats. These conveniently sized bundles bring you a great value on our most popular items.

At Ramstead Ranch, we're committed to raising healthy, happy animals in a way that's good for the land, good for the animals, and good for you. That's why we've created a range of bundled products that combine our grassfed and grass finished beef, lamb, and pasture raised pork and poultry into convenient packages that save you money.

When you buy one of our bundled products, you're not only getting a great deal on high-quality meat, you're also supporting regenerative agriculture practices that help to heal the soil, sequester carbon, and promote biodiversity. Our animals roam free as nature intended, grazing on diverse pastures that provide them with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Whether you're looking for a whole animal or a selection of your favorite cuts, our bundled products make it easy to stock up on healthy, delicious meat that you can feel good about eating. Thank you for supporting our mission to create a more sustainable food system, one bite at a time!