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...and help heal the broken food system.

Job Openings

Be part of what makes Ramstead Ranch awesome. Our team of passionate, dedicated individuals works together to bring over 800 customers across the Pacific Northwest and beyond the healthiest, most delicious meat we know how to raise.

We rotate cattle and pigs across our pastures, mimicking the cycle and rhythms of nature. We give our animals an amazing quality of life while facilitating an abundant ecosystem, and we want to include you in our mission.

Current job openings include:

Ranch Operations Lead: Help keep ranch running as an efficient, effective machine. Provide stellar animal care by rotating animals across pastures, ensuring that they are in assigned paddocks and have ample food and water. Keep equipment well maintained.

Ideal candidates: Are confident in their ability to move animals in rotation and adapt to land use. You should be able to complete basic equipment maintenance and be proactive in making repairs to facilities including fences.

Job Description & Application

Marketing Team Member: Help customers have a great experience when they interact with our ranch. This position includes responding directly to customer questions, contributing to digital marketing, and working with a team to fulfill and process orders.

Ideal candidates: Are excellent listeners and empathetic, thorough communicators. You should love getting the details right and completing tasks in a timely and organized manner. You should also have a passion for helping people connect with healthy lifestyles and delicious foods that are good for the planet.

Job Description & Application

Farmers' Market Sales Coordinator: Attend 1 or 2 of our amazing Inland Northwest farmers markets on a weekly basis. Position is seasonal, May-October. Market schedules vary, and travel time depends on your location. Most markets last 4 hrs. This position requires driving to the market, setting up and breaking down the market booth, and making sales using our digital platform.

Ideal candidates: Love interacting with people and enjoy dynamic work. Highly qualified candidates light up with multifaceted jobs that require handling sales while talking about delicious foods and sharing recipes, all while being upbeat and maintaining a smile.

Job Description & Application

Get To Know Our Team

Our Mission

Our work at Ramstead Ranch heals the broken food system by offering our customers a transparent look at how their healthy, pasture-raised meats were raised with kindness, in harmony with nature. 

We believe everyone deserves food that nourishes their body and heals the planet.

Our Story

Our farm began with the intent to provide our family with clean, healthy meat to put on our table. We wanted to raise animals in a natural setting, free from the chemicals and environmental harms that are associated with the industrial food chain.

We've grown from a 2-acre backyard poultry operation to a 240-acre farm in the beautiful Pend Oreille valley in NE Washington state.

We rotate cattle and pigs across our pastures, mimicking the cycle and rhythms of nature, giving our animals an amazing quality of life while facilitating an abundant ecosystem.

We serve over 800 families across the Pacific Northwest and beyond by delivering the healthiest, most delicious meats we know how to raise.

Ramstead Ranch helps define the highest standard of regenerative agriculture.

We define regenerative agriculture as managing our farm in ways that improve the health of all components of the ecosystem by creating synergy and mimicking the diversity of nature. 

We Are Ramstead Ranch

We want to be known for our key characteristics by taking critical actions every day.

Key Characteristics

  • We are welcoming
  • We take ownership
  • We are knowledge seeking

Critical Actions

  • We treat our customers, animals, and land with kindness and respect.
  • We keep the farm tidy and efficient
  • We act as team players who give and receive positive feedback

We strive to be an excellent employer by:

Offering good hours and fair wages, and empowering our employees.  

Systematizing tasks to make them efficient, simple, and easy to teach and complete.  

Organizing projects and tasks so that they can be used as teaching tools. 

Maintaining written agreements between Ramstead Ranch and all employees.

Holding ourselves accountable through planning and follow-up.


We leverage our creative business plan to act as an inspiration by demonstrating success. This enables us to support others in charting a course for their own success in regenerative, profitable farming.