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Three Most Common Questions about Grassfed/Pasture Raised Meats

written by

Eileen Napier

posted on

July 21, 2022

We love that our community cares deeply about how we treat our animals and the land that supports us all. Responsible stewardship is a top priority for us, and we are glad you are on board!

But there is another important priority we want to highlight today, and that is flavor!  We feel strongly that when you support family farms using the holistic ranching methods you believe in, you should also enjoy every delicious bite.

We hear from folks who want to try grassfed and pasture raised meats for the first time, but they are unsure if they will enjoy the experience. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and unfortunately some of them are negative.  

We regularly hear questions like these:

  1. Is the flavor different? I’ve heard it’s tough and gamey.
  2. Does it cook differently? I don’t want to ruin a well-raised cut of premium-priced meat.
  3. Do I have to know how to cook all the varieties of cuts? There are names I don’t recognize, and I don’t know how to prepare them all.

Let us give you some quick answer to these questions today. Over the next few weeks you can look forward to reading about these topics in more detail. 

1. Is the flavor different?  The short answer is YES! Animals that live as nature intended have active lifestyles. Activity builds flavor in the meat that sets it apart from conventionally raised animals that live indoors or on dirt lots.  

Producing delicious pasture raised and grassfed meats doesn’t happen by accident. When ranchers get it right, the meat is tender and delicious because the animals have had access to abundant and diverse forage that imparts rich nutrition to the meat.  

When ranchers get it wrong, it’s because the animals are not eating mouthfuls of fresh grass daily to gain weight. If animals have to search for grass to graze and water to drink, the result is tough meat with a strong flavor. This good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.

But don’t just take our word for it…Ramstead has over 100 5-star google reviews, many of which highlight flavor as being a central part of experiencing a meal from our farm. Our grassfed and pasture raised meats are delicious and unlike what store-bought meats can offer.

2. Does it cook differently?  In general, grassfed and pasture raised meats cook faster than conventionally produced meats. They also finish at lower temperatures.

So expect to remove your meats from the heat source sooner than normal. And as always, the best guide is to use a meat thermometer! 

3. Do I have to know how to cook all the varieties of cuts?  At Ramstead, we like to think we strike a happy medium between offering our customers the flexibility of a la carte ordering alongside nose-to-tail bulk buying options.

You can choose to purchase only your favorites. Then, when you are ready to purchase a bulk package that may include cuts you’ve never tried before, we are here to guide you with techniques and easy how-to recipes to help you enjoy every delicious bite (click here to view our recipe library).

When responsible, ethical ranching produces delicious meals that have customers raving about the flavor, we know this regenerative agriculture revolution will spread to the hearts and taste buds of our community.

Bon appetite!

Your Farmer,

-Eileen & the team at Ramstead Ranch

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