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Author: Sarah Hayes

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RECIPE: Sweet Potato Dream

This sweet potato recipe is another staple at my holiday table. They are decadent, delicious, and my absolute favorite! I always make a second batch to enjoy with leftovers. I hope you love them as much as I do!

RECIPE: Taco Night!

Tacos are a win-win-win at my house. The kids love them, they are healthy, and it’s a great way to repackage leftovers. Plus, everyone can have it exactly the way they like it. We typically also make Steve’s slaw, and I love my “taco” over greens instead of a tortilla.

RECIPE: Quiche for All Occasions

I think quiche is underappreciated in American homes. It is a super flexible dish that you can eat hot out of the oven, cold on a picnic, or pretty much anywhere in between. It is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can basically be stuffed with anything you have on hand and be delicious!

RECIPE: Taco Casserole

My kids love taco casserole. I think it’s kinda like chip-less nachos, which to me means that pretty much any topping I can get excited about will be great. It is REALLY easy to make and leaves lots of room for creativity and fridge cleaning. ;)

RECIPE: Stan's Favorite Green Chili

My dad (Stan) is a green chili connoisseur and can be relied upon to order huevos rancheros any time it's on the menu. After decades of exhaustive green chili sampling, he has a clear favorite. This green chili recipe is an easy go-to for a spicy topping and is totally delicious by the bowl.