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Author: Sarah Hayes

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RECIPE: Kabobs In The Broiler

Kabobs are an adventure! Entertaining to assemble, everyone can make their own to their exact preferences, and fun to eat. Kabob creation is a great way to break up the redundancy of fork and knife dinner time. And cooking options are flexible since kabobs are easy to grill outdoors or broil in the oven on a rainy day. Try switching it up by using lamb, pork, or chicken for variety.

RECIPE: Speedy Green Chili

Great for a hearty meal. Quick enough to come together after work. Try this spicy, wholesome, New Mexico style chili using simply delicious pasture raised ground pork.

RECIPE: The Reverse Sear Technique

You’ve made the commitment. You buy steaks from a farm where the animals are treated kindly and the land gets healthier every season. You are supporting your local economy and investing in your personal health. So, how do you make sure you don’t ruin that precious 100% Grassfed steak when you cook it up? Here's your answer.

RECIPE: Beef Tongue Tacos

Beef tongue is one of the best kept secrets of pasture raised meats. It is often avoided because of the “eeewe factor,” but if you follow the steps in this how-to-recipe, you’ll be enjoying tongue tacos and shrugging off that fear factor.

RECIPE: Steve's Slaw, a great filling for tacos

Sometimes the recipe you really need is a little side dish or taco filler. This cabbage slaw adds a little crunch, a little heat, and a lotta flavor to the meals is accompanies. A must to use along side beef tongue tacos, great with a pulled pork sandwich, or use it as the base for chicken salad. Dish it up!