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βœ… Exclusive Grill-Ready Boxes
βœ… Nutrient Dense & Delicious
βœ… Premium Grassfed & Pasture
Raised Meats

Premium Grill-Ready Boxes

** Nutrient dense & delicious **

Premium Steak Box

~6.4 lbs β€’ 2 NY Strip Steaks β€’ 2 Rib Eye, Bone-in steaks β€’ 2 Top Sirloin Steaks β€’ 2 Flat Iron Steaks β€’ 1 Skirt Steak

Chicken Griller

~ 10 lbs β€’ 4 Chicken Breasts (2 pkg) β€’ 4 Chicken Legs (2 pkg) β€’ 10-12 Chicken Wings (2 pkg)

Premium Pork Griller Box

~14 lbs β€’ Bacon, 1 lb β€’ 4 Pork Chops (1 pkg) β€’ 4 Pork Steaks (1 pkg) β€’ Spare Ribs β€’ Country Style Ribs β€’ 7 Bratwurst (1 pkg)

The Lamb Dabbler

~ 4.6 lbs β€’ Beef & Lamb Combo β€’ 2 Beef NY Strip Steaks β€’ 1 lb Ground Beef β€’ 4 Lamb Chops (1 pkg) β€’ 1 lb Ground Lamb

Burgers & Brats

~ 7.8 lbs β€’ 4 Ground Beef (1 lb pkgs) β€’ 6 5-oz Ground Beef Burger Patties (3 patties per pkg) β€’ 7 Pork bratwurst links (1pk)

Truly Grassfed & Pasture Raised

** A la carte savings for your grill through May 31 **

Chicken Wings

~ 1.55 lbs

Save $3.10

Chicken Legs

~ 1.6 lbs

Save $2.00
Save $6.65
Save $7.52
Save $2.37

Flank Steak

~ 1.75 lbs

Save $3.50

Skirt Steak

~ 1.25 lbs

Save $12.10

Low-n-Slow Crowd Pleasers

** Break out the hoagie buns.  Fill up the tortillas **

Pork Steak

~ 12 oz per steak β€’ 4 per pkg

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3 Reasons to Get Grillin' This Season

Spoil Mom with superior meats

This Mother's Day, celebrate Mom with healthy, delicious pasture-raised meats to make her day special.  There's nothing quite so valuable for Moms as enjoying a family gathering where everyone enjoys a nourishing meal together.  It's made even better when she knows the positive impact her food choices have on animal welfare and land stewardship in our community.


Memorial Day Meats Made Easy

The unofficial start of summer is here, and we are doing our best to welcome the warmer weather and extended daylight with delicious out door cookout.  To be sure, we hold sacred this meaningful day dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our freedoms and the opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness together with friends and family.


Get Fired Up For Father's Day

This Father's Day, treat Dad to the exceptional taste and quality of delicious pasture-raised meats. These meats not only offer a richer, more robust flavor, but they also come from a farming method that supports animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Giving Dad such thoughtful and high-quality produce ensures a memorable meal, whether he's firing up the grill or enjoying a family dinner at home. It's a thoughtful way to show appreciation, combining the joys of great food with the values he cares about, making his special day even more meaningful.


Grassfed and Pasture Raised  β€’  Humanely Treated  β€’  Incredibly Delicious