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Pork Country Style Ribs

Pork Country Style Ribs

~ 1.75 lbs

Our most meaty pork ribs, cut from the shoulder blade.  Techincally, they aren't even a rib, but what they are is delicious.  2 per package.  Bone in.

We raise Berkshire pork because it is incredibly juicy and has a fantastic flavor. It has gained a reputation as being the Kobe Beef of pork, which is to say that it marbles well and is very tender.  Our pigs live outside in the sun and the shade.  They run, root, wallow, and lounge to their hearts' content.  We feed a locally milled, non-GMO grain mixture, they devour the excess from our farm garden during the summer months, and the pigs can eat whatever they turn up in our diverse pastures and woodlands.  The flavor of our pork is unlike what you find in stores.  See our protocols for details about how we raise our animals.

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