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Bison Broth Bones

Bison Broth Bones

~3.25 lbs

This mixture of bison bones will render a beautiful broth for you!  We recommend roasting bones at 350°F for 1 hr to brown the bones and enhance the flavor of your broth. 

3 Reasons you’ll love 100% grassfed bison

Bison have a centuries-old history of grazing, fertilizing, and living in harmony with the land, so we are excited to bring you this new, ancient meat. Here's why:


1. Delicious and nourishing

So tender, so sweet, so rich.  Grassfed, grassfinished bison is your best choice when you want a delicious red meat packed with maximum protein. Grass-fed bison is 98% lean, lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, lamb, or chicken.  Plus it’s loaded with omega-3s and tons of vitamins and micronutrients.

2. Regeneratively raised on a family farm

Our customers have put their trust in Ramstead Ranch's commitment to raising animals according to a high standard of humane treatment and natural inputs.  We are proud to extend this trust to our friends at Stangel Bison Ranch.  The bison we offer is raised exclusively at their family-owned and operated ranch located in Enterprise, OR.

Just like us, they value the humane treatment of their wonderful animals, and they raise their bison on pasture.  Their respect and connection to the land translates to a dedication to ranching in harmony with nature, so the ecosystem can thrive, long into the future. 

3. 100% grassfed & grassfinished

Stangel Bison Ranch raises their bison to our premium standards, rotating their animals on pasture, and feeding a 100% grassfed and grassfinished diet.  No grain ever, just sweet pastures and happy bison.

We never:

  • Feed antibiotics.
  • Administer synthetic hormones.
  • Spray pesticides or herbicides.

How To Cook Grassfed And Pasture-Raised Meats

Eat with confidence!  Our truly grassfed & grassfinished bison will be prepared to perfection using lower temperatures and shorter timeframes than typical, store-bought cuts.  We recommend recipes to help you avoid over-cooking and drying out your delicious farm-raised meats.

For simple, time-tested and customer-approved recipe inspiration --> Click here to view our recipe library.

Bone broth from 100% grassfed animals is truly liquid gold. Follow our simple suggestions to make a delicious sipping broth that will also be a delicious base for soups, stews, or the fluid in your rice or bread recipes.

Try our customer-tested broth recipe here-->Go to Broth Recipe