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RECIPE: Straight Forward Pork Steak Grilling

written by

Eileen Napier

posted on

January 19, 2020


Here are the straightforward steps to grill pork steaks to perfection.  

1) Fully thaw your Ramstead Ranch Pork Steaks.  This is best done for 24 hrs in the refrigerator.
2) Remove from fridge and sprinkle both sides of each steak with salt and pepper.  Allow to come to room temperature.
3) Pre heat grill. Target temperature is 400°F.
4) Place steaks on rack.  Once in position, do not move them as this will cause the meat to stick to grill.
5) Approximate time to flip is 6 min. or when meat reaches 120°F.
6) Cook time on second side is approx. 4 min. or when internal temperature of 140°F is reached.
7) Remove steaks from heat and allow to rest 5 min.  Steaks will continue to cook and reach target temperature of 145°F.
8) Serve and enjoy!

Jeannie wanted to help show you how easy it is to grill these amazing steaks.  Check out this video.

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