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Custom Half Beef Pre-Order

Custom Half Beef Pre-Order

Deposit Only | Click Image For Details | ~200 lbs
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In stock Pre-order

What's included with a custom half beef?

Weights and quantities vary somewhat based on the weight of each animal. Your beef will be cut and wrapped per your custom instructions. In general, a portion typically includes:

  • 45 lbs. steaks 
  • 75 lbs. roasts 
  • 10 lbs. short ribs
  • 63 lbs. ground beef
  • 22 lbs. other including shanks, stew meat, flank steak, skirt steak and brisket

Freezer space: 6 cu. feet. Picture 8 full brown paper grocery sacks. (Organ meats can be included on request. First come, first served.)

Available for delivery to any of our convenient pickup locations including On Farm Pickup.

2021 order deadlines and pickup dates as follows:

Deadlines to order:

June 6th for pickup after June 29th

July 4th for pickup after Aug 3rd

Aug 1st for pickup after Aug 24th

Sept 5th for pickup after Sept 28th

Oct 3rd for pickup after Oct 26th

Price Estimate

  Deposit ($500) Due now

+ Balance (estimate $1428) Due at pickup


Grand Total $1928 (varies based on animal weight and pickup location)

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  After your chosen butcher date, we will bill you for the balance of your purchase.

Billing Details:

$7.20/lb. on the hanging weight of your portion. This includes the basic cut/wrap fees from the butcher. Delivery fees for each pickup location will vary.  


$1908 265 lbs. of hanging weight @ $7.20/lb.  

+ $20  Delivery Fee (varies by pickup location)


$1928  Grand total - $500 Pre-paid deposit = Balance due of $1428

You take home about about 200 lbs. of packaged meats.

$1928/200 lbs. of cuts = $9.64/lb. of meat in your freezer.

Cow Life


Our cows live on our pastures, grazing as much as possible.  They drink clean, spring fed water and rotate to fresh areas of ground daily. They have access to sun and shade as they choose. We focus on providing them a stress free life they can enjoy.

Grassfed/Grassfinished is best!

You are purchasing 100% grassfed and grassfinished beef. The rich flavor and tenderness are amazing. You’ll have an incredible eating experience and reap the many health benefits of eating truly grassfed beef raised using regenerative methods. See our protocols for details about how we raise our animals.

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