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Quarter Pig Package without Smoked/Cured Meats

Quarter Pig Package without Smoked/Cured Meats

~28.5 lbs • Click Image For Details

With 10% More Pork 🥓 thru April 30

We're putting 10% more delicious, truly pasture-raised pork in this box for the month of April!  

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Experience the convenience of having a wide variety of our pasture-raised Berkshire pork cuts right in your freezer for a discounted price. You'll be ready for holiday feasts, summer grilling, and date night dinner-for-two without the hassle of shopping. This incredibly delicious pork will be right in your home, direct from our pastures.  

Quarter Pig Packages are ready to deliver to any of our convenient pickup locations or via home delivery. By ordering this package you'll pay a set price plus delivery and receive a standardized selection of our most popular cuts.  

What's included in a quarter pig?

Weights and quantities vary somewhat. You are guaranteed to receive 28.5 lbs of meat, and a portion typically includes:

  • 3 lbs Side Pork (1.5 lb / pkg) 
  • 1 Shoulder Roast (1 / pkg)
  • 2 Leg of Pork Steaks (1-2 / pkg) 
  • 1 Fresh Leg of Pork Roast (1 / pkg) 
  • 8 Pork Chops (4 / pkg)
  • 4 Ground Pork (1 lb / pkg) 
  • 4 Pork Steaks (4 / pkg)

Estimate 1.25 cubic ft. of freezer space per quarter pig. Picture 2 brown paper grocery sacks about 3/4 full.

3 Reasons to say yes to our pork

1. Berkshires are the best

We raise Berkshire pork because the meat is incredibly juicy and has a fantastic flavor. It has gained a reputation as being the Kobe Beef of pork, which is to say that it marbles well and is very tender.  The flavor of our pork is unlike what you find in stores.

2. Better than humane treatment

Our pigs live out doors in the sun and the shade. They run, root, wallow, and lounge to their hearts' content. We feed a locally milled, non-GMO grain mixture, they devour the excess from our farm garden during the summer months, and the pigs can eat whatever they turn up in our diverse pastures and woodlands. 

It is our goal to give them a life worth living, every day.

3. Pasture Raised, No Soy, No Corn Pork

Our truly pasture raised pigs eat what they want from our no-spray pastures and glens. It's amazing to see how pigs will naturally graze when they have access to the outdoors! We provide supplemental feed that does not contain soy or corn, and all other ingredients are non-GMO.

We never:

  • Feed antibiotics.
  • Administer synthetic hormones.
  • Spray with pesticides or herbicides.