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Hanging Tender

Hanging Tender

~ .75 lbs

AKA the Butcher's steak.  This not-so-well known steak has a uniquely strong flavor that is unlike the rest of our cuts.  We recomment this steak if you are a food enthusiast looking for something just a little bit different.  1 per package, boneless.

All of our beef is 100% grassfed and grassfinished.  The rich flavor and tenderness are amazing. You’ll have an incredible eating experience and reap the many benefits of eating grassfed beef raised using sustainable methods.  See our protocols for details about how we raise our animals.

The reverse sear steak cooking technique is a great way to prepare this steak.  Click for the recipe.

While full of amazing flavor this steak does need some tenderizing.  Watch this video so see how Stan Hayes from here at the farm does it.

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