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Grassfed Sheep Skin, Multi-color

Grassfed Sheep Skin, Multi-color

Medium | NC50

Our Grassfed sheep hides make beautiful, heirloom gifts that will last for years.  Great for a baby's throw or a cozy chair back cover.  Our sheep grow lustrous wool with unique colors and a soft, cozy texture.  You will want to dive in!  

Each hide is a one-of-a-kind natural product.  They vary in size and texture.  Photos below are taken from this specific hide.

Leather Side


Close Up


Sheep Life


Our ewes and lambs live out doors and graze in our pastures as much as possible.  We raise our animals without the use of hormones or feeding antibiotics.  We manage our pastures without using herbicides or pesticides.  

Our farming practices help to regenerate the health of the land, and the animals benefit from the diverse grazing and low-stress environment we foster.

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