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Half Lamb Pre-Order

Half Lamb Pre-Order

Deposit Only • Estimate 20 lbs.

Half lambs for 2023 delivery:

What's included with a half lamb?

When you order a half lamb, you'll receive a variety of our standard cuts. Weights and quantities vary somewhat based on the weight of each animal. A portion typically includes:

3.5 lbs. leg of lamb

4 lbs. shoulder

5 lbs. loin/rib for chops

1.5 lbs. shanks

6 lbs. other including ribs, ground lamb, and stew meat

Freezer space: .65 cu. feet. Picture 1 brown paper grocery sack 3/4 full.

2023 order deadlines are as follows.

June 16th

Aug 20th

Sept 17th

Oct 15th

Nov 6th

Plan for your order to be ready for your freezer approximately 2 weeks after your deadline.  We will coordinate delivery with you according to your preferred pick up method.

Price Estimate

  Deposit ($25) Due now

+ Balance (estimate $298) Due at pickup


Grand Total $384 (varies based on package weights; shipping will incur additional charges, calculated at delivery time)

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You have the option to choose delivery from our July or September batches of lamb.  You'll choose a pickup date from our schedule as we get closer to delivery time.  We'll communicate the balance due and bill you for the remaining portion of your order at pick up time.

Billing Details:

You will be billed at a rate of $17.40/lb on the package weight of your portion. Delivery fees for each pickup location will vary. Home Delivery will add approximately $2.50-$3 per lb, depending on your location.

Lamb Life


Our lambs live out doors and graze in our pastures as much as possible.  We raise our sheep without the use of hormones or feeding antibiotics. We manage our pastures without using herbicides or pesticides. 

Our animals help to regenerate the health of the land, and they benefit from the diverse grazing and low-stress environment we foster. Bring the health of our eco-system to your dinner table.