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Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

~ 2 lbs

What's Included?

Surprisingly popular and often sold out! The feet come bundled in 2 lb packages, and the outer skin and nails have been removed.

Corn-free, Soy-free Chicken

What's NOT included in our amazing pasture raised chicken?

  1. Our birds never eat corn or soy.
  2. We never feed them antibiotics.
  3. They graze on our no-spray pastures where no fertilizers or pesticides have been applied.
  4. The supplemental feed they get in addition to pasture includes only non-GMO ingredients.

Chicken Life


Beyond free range, beyond cage free, there exists a more natural chicken habitat, and that is pasture raised! Our birds live most of their lives on pasture, moving to a fresh piece of ground on a daily basis. They are fed a locally milled, non-GMO blend of grains, and they can serve themselves from our banquet of diverse pasture grasses. Real chickens doing real chicken things. See our protocols for more details about how we raise our animals. 

How To Cook Grassfed And Pasture-Raised Meats

Eat with confidence! Our truly pasture raised meats will be prepared to perfection using lower temperatures and shorter timeframes than typical, store-bought cuts. We recommend recipes to help you avoid over-cooking and drying out your delicious farm raised meats.

A few chicken feet added to your next batch of bone broth will make it extra thick with gelatin. Nutrient dense and delicious, here's an easy-to-follow recipe for you.

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