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$50 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Cards

Thanks for choosing to give our pasture-raised meats! We hope the people you care about enjoy our products.

After you submit your purchase, check your email to find your ready-to-send Gift Card. Print and give, or forward the email to your recipient.

Please note, this purchase will bypass any fees or restrictions of our shopping cart. Your Gift Card will be ready to use as soon as you submit your pre-order and does not require pickup if your are a local shopper.

Just a couple quick Gift Card FAQs:

How does it work?

Place your order, and immediately receive a printable Gift Card to your email. Simply forward the email to your recipient or print and include it in a card.

Can I order multiple Gift Cards (like for my three favorite employees)?

Sure can! But you’ll need to place three different orders.

For example, if you want to purchase three $25 Gift Cards for your hard-working employees, please make 3 separate purchases.

What if I want to gift a box of meat?

Sure thing, just call us and we can help you send your loved ones a box of meat. This is something we are happy to facilitate, but our website isn’t that clever. ;)

We will process your credit card payment within 24 hours.