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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Printable Gift Cards

Thanks for choosing to give our pasture-raised meats! We hope the people you care about enjoy our products.

After you submit your pre-order, check your email to find your ready-to-send Gift Card. Print and give, or forward the email to your recipient.

Please note, this is called a pre-order because it will bypass any fees or restrictions of our shopping cart. Your Gift Card will be ready to use as soon as you submit your pre-order.

Just a couple quick Gift Card FAQs:

How does it work?

Place your order, and immediately receive a printable Gift Card to your email. Simply forward the email to your recipient or print and include it in a card.

Can I order a Gift Card for more than $25?

YES!!! Just increase the amount in increments of $25. Each gift card order is on a per-person basis.

Can I order multiple Gift Cards (like for my three favorite employees)?

Sure can! But you’ll need to place three different orders.

For example, if you want to purchase three $25 Gift Cards for your hard-working employees, please make 3 separate pre-orders.

What if I want to gift a box of meat?

Sure thing, just call us and we can help you send your loved ones a box of meat. This is something we are happy to facilitate, but our website isn’t that clever. ;)

We will process your credit card payment within 24 hours.