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Ramstead Ranch Sampler

Ramstead Ranch Sampler

~ 8.5 lbs

We've bundled these popular cuts into one offer to help you get delicious meats from our farm to your table.  Enjoy serving meals to your family from farmers you trust.  

The Ramstead Ranch Sampler box contains:

100% Grassfed/Grassfinished Beef

2 Top Sirloin Steaks

Ground beef (1 lb.)

Pasture Raised Chicken

2 Whole Chicken Legs, (Thigh and Drumstick, together)

Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork

2 Pork Chops (2 per pkg)

Bacon (1 lb.)

Ground Pork (1 lb.)

Country Sausage (1 lb.)

Need recipe inspiration?

Here are some tips for grilling your pork chops just right. You do NOT want to overcook that beautiful pasture raised meat.  Click to go to the recipe.


The Whole Chicken Legs included in this box taste amazing in this easy curry recipe.  Click to see the Curried Chicken Leg recipe.


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