Welcome to Ramstead Ranch!

We are a diversified small farm located in Ione, Washington, in the northeast corner of the state.  We farm 240 acres of land that is a mixture of rolling pasture, woods, and glades.  The farm is nestled in the Pend Oreille River valley which runs along the Selkirk Mountain Range.  We enjoy four seasons throughout the year, and the mixture of river, mountains, and weather makes for an always-changing view of this beautiful country.

Our mission here at Ramstead Ranch is to create a pasture-based ecosystem that honors the abundance of nature.  Our farming practices promote the health and welfare of the land, our animals, our customers, and ourselves.

The ecosystem that exists at Ramstead Ranch involves a diverse group of animals.  We raise grassfed and grassfinished beef and lamb as well as pasture-raised pork and poultry.  The animals are rotated around our pastures using an approach to grazing that efficiently maximizes the grass we can grow, naturally fertilizes the ground, and leavs the land to rest and become healthier for the next cycle.  In this way we mimic nature's example of large herds migrating over the grasslands and reduce our need for synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and parasite treatments for the animals.

We love what we do, and we hope you will find the fruits of our labor as wholesome and regenerating as we do. Thank you for visiting us!  Read on to meet the happy, healthy critters in our animal family.



Meet the cast of characters


Grassfed Beef

These cows can chow! Our herd of beef cows are the power mowers of the farm.  They get rotated to fresh pasture daily, so every morning someone comes down and gives them the secret call and the whole herd knows it's time to moooove.  If we are late to work, the cows give us their not-so-secret call.

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Grassfed Sheep

The mini mowers.  Our grassfed sheep rotate with the cows or in their own paddocks, depending on the season.  As grazers, their precision nibbling complements the big cow mouthfuls so more pasture gets utilized.  The pasture also benefits from a different mixture of (ahem) fertilizer.  Not only do they provide us with wonderful grassfed lamb meat, but the sheep have been hand picked and bred to grow superior wool.  They are very generous, and we are grateful for all of the work they do.

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Pasture Raised Pigs

The grunt work.  Our free range pigs love to dig, plow, and till the land for us, so we put them to work precisely where we need those services.  They break new ground in garden plots and they churn the old bedding in the barn and transform it into rich compost.  They are happy to work and we are happy to let them do it!  Wherever their workstation is located, they have the choice to run around in the sun or relax in the shade, and they have plenty of room to just be pigs.

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Pasture Raised Chicken & Turkey

Poultry in motion!  Whether we are talking about laying hens, meat birds, or turkeys, movement is central to how we raise our poultry.  Birds are busy bodies, and they work from pre-dawn until dusk, scratching, pecking, fertilizing, in that order, over and over and over.  If they stay in the same spot for any length of time, it quickly looks like a neglected construction site--dug up, dirty, and no place you'd want to live.

We put their industrious natures to work for us by moving their houses behind our herds of cattle and sheep. They can scratch and pick their way behind the herds, spreading all of that fertilizer around and helping to control the fly and parasite populations.  They are happy to do the work, and their labor reduces our dependence on chemical fertilizers for the fields and wormers for the animals.   

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