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Pork Sampler Box

Pork Sampler Box

~ 21.5 lbs • .85 cu ft space

Get the best cuts of our amazing Pasture Raised Pork all in one place.
NOTE: If you prefer meat without smoking, curing, or seasonings, try our Pork Sampler Box – Fresh Only.

This box includes:
2 Bacon
2 Ham Steaks (2 per pkg.)
4 Pork Chops (4 per pkg.)
4 Pork Steaks (4 per pkg.)
1 Pork Shoulder Roast
1 Spare Ribs pkg.
3 Ground Pork
3 Pork Sausage, assorted flavors

Total box includes 86 4-oz. servings.

Individual package sizes will vary. We guarantee your total box weight will meet or exceed 21 lbs. 8 oz.

Need recipe inspiration?
Here are some tips for grilling your pork steaks and chops just right. You do NOT want to overcook that beautiful pasture raised meat.  Click to go to the recipe.


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