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Pasture Raised Turkey

Pasture Raised Turkey

One uncooked, whole, delicious & truly pasture-raised turkey. Beautifully cleaned, frozen, with giblets (heart, liver and neck) included.

3 Reasons to say yes to these turkeys

1. Pasture raised turkeys are the best

When turkeys are truly able to spread out and graze on clean pasture grasses, it builds incredible nutrition and flavor in their meat. Their bodies benefit from the natural vitamins and fats of the pastures they graze. Their meat is super nutritious and the flavor reflects their rich diet.

2. Better than humane treatment

These turkeys live out doors in the sun and the shade. They live active lives where they can run, stretch their wings, and lounge to their hearts' content. 

They have a life worth living, every day.

3. Pasture raised, Non-GMO, No Corn

These turkeys eat as much pasture as they want to, and they are supplemented with a clean, locally milled, non-GMO grain mixture. Turkeys love to forage, and these birds get plenty of natural vegetation in their diet.

How To Cook Pasture-Raised Turkey

Eat with confidence! Our pasture-raised turkeys will cook faster than the conventional, store bought, and even "Organic" turkeys. You will receive our recommended cooking instructions along with your bird. Your turkey will be incredibly delicious if you don't over cook it.

Don't skip these tips! Make sure you follow our recommendations to enjoy the most delicious turkey you've ever eaten. Click to go to the recipe