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Mixed Ground Meats

Mixed Ground Meats

10 lbs

This bundle is a great way to get a variety of ground meat at a discount.  

You'll receive:

  • 3 packages of ground beef, 1 lb each
  • 2 packages of ground pork, 1 lb each
  • 1 package of country sausage, 1 lb each
  • 2 packages of sweet Italian sausage, 1 lb each
  • 2 packages hot Italian sausage, 1lb each

Mix it up in your burgers, meatloaf, or spaghetti sauce.  It is all farm-raised and delicious!

What To Cook?

Ground meats can be used in a variety of creative and tasty ways. They are ideal for quick dinners because they thaw and cook quickly.

We have a page of recipes to help inspire your next quick and easy meal using ground meats from this bundle.

Go to the recipe page-->

Try Taco Casserole

Enjoy Spaghetti Sauce in Veggie Boats

Homemade Hamburger Mac