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Lamb Neck

Lamb Neck

Estimate 1.75 lb/pkg

Neck meat is incredibly flavorful, and is a great addition to lamb stew or braised in a cast iron pot along with mixed veggies and garlic.  You'll get 2-3 "coins" of delicious neck meat cut 1/2 inch thick per package.  Bone-in.

Our lamb is 100% grassfed and grassfinished with a mild and sweet flavor that has our customers coming back for more each year.  We raise our sheep without the use of chemical wormers, hormones, or antibiotics, and we manage our pastures without using herbicides or pesticides.  Our animals help to regenerate the health of the land, and they benefit from the diverse grazing and low-stress environment we foster.   Bring the health of our eco-system to your dinner table.

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