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All Beef Smokies

All Beef Smokies

~ 1 lb

Beef Smokies from Grassfed cows! Fully precooked and seasoned with a not-too-salty recipe. These 100% beef links can be sliced up cold and added to pasta salads or grilled up for brats.

All of our beef is 100% grassfed and grassfinished.  The rich flavor and tenderness are amazing. You’ll have an incredible eating experience and reap the many benefits of eating grassfed beef raised using sustainable methods.  See our protocols for details about how we raise our animals.



Beef, water, salt, seasoning (salt, spice blend (salt, dextrose, spices, onion, spice extractives), natural smoke flavor (maltodextrin, natural smoke & silicon dioxide), pepper & garlic), nonfat dry milk, corn syrup solids, dextrose, peppers, sodium nitrite. In a collagen casing.

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