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Offer Ends Jan 31 - Save Now! Broth Maker Grab Bag
Broth Maker Grab Bag
~ 9 lbs
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Grab Bag Savings The Real Burger of Earth Day Grab Bag
The Real Burger of Earth Day Grab Bag
~ 4 lbs
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Offer Ends Jan 31 - Save Now! Sausage and Leg Steaks Grab Bag
Sausage and Leg Steaks Grab Bag
~ 4.75 lbs
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Grab Bags, Three Month Subscription

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  • Subscriptions are available for Home Delivery, On Farm Pickup, and Pickup Locations that we service monthly.
  • Grab Bags bring you conveniently sized packages of delicious pasture-raised and grassfed meats.
  • We include easy-to-follow recipes to help you prepare simply delicious meals with success!

If you don't see items below, you are logged in for pickup at a location we don't service each month. Change to Home Delivery or choose a different pickup location. For How-to Help, -->click here.

Sale Beef Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
Beef Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
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Sale Pork Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
Pork Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
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Sale Chicken Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
Chicken Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
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Sale Surprise Me Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
Surprise Me Grab Bag • Three Month Subscription
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Your questions, answered

What will be included in the grab bag?

We'll include at least two cuts from the protein group you request: Beef, pork, or chicken. We’ll change the items each month. We won’t include any organ meats, fat, or bones. (You can always add those novelty items to your grab bag order.)

How much usually comes in a grab bag?

Weights and quantities will vary each month, but you can expect between 4 and 5 lbs of meat each month, and we'll utilize smaller sized items. For example, anticipate ground meats and smaller steaks in the beef and pork bags. In chicken bags, we'll include smaller packages of cut ups or smaller whole chickens.

What if I don’t know how to cook what’s in the bag?

We can help! We include straightforward recipes specifically designed for the pasture raised and grassfed meats in your grab bags. If you need extra advice, we have a vault of vetted tips and tricks to make meal prep easy.

We are busy people who like practical approaches to meal prep, so our advice is short and sweet and the ingredients we call for are common pantry items or likely to be found at your local grocery store or farmers' market.

When do I pay for my subscription?

Subscription payments happen at the time when you receive each installment. For all Home Delivery orders and pick up orders paying by Credit/Debit card, we charge your card on the Tuesday before you receive your meat. Most local pickup locations have the option to pay at pick up as well. Bring your monthly installment with you when you come to get your order.

When will my monthly subscription come?

Your first installment arrives based on the info in your cart when you check out. Your second and third grab bags will arrive four and eight weeks later. You'll receive a confirmation email on Monday, the week prior to your second and third deliveries reminding you that you have an order headed your way. If you have a scheduling conflict and need to adjust, you'll have until Sunday at midnight to make any changes.

Why do I have to order two?

When orders are sent via Home Delivery, there has to be enough frozen meat in the box to hold the temperature down below freezing. Small orders just can't make the trip without thawing. Individual grab bags are too small to reach the minimum, so we ask you to order two at a time, or add a few items a la carte to increase the weight. Orders for Local Pickup have no minimum weight requirement.

Can I make special requests?

The only special request we can accommodate pertains to pork grab bags. If you want us to avoid sausages and bacons that have added seasonings and ingredients, please make a note of that in the special instructions box when you check out. We will substitute items that contain no added ingredients.

Can I send meat to my friends, family, or college kid?

Of course! Just change the delivery address during checkout. Our only limitation is that we currently only ship within FedEx 3-day ground area. You can check our delivery range using their zip code. Follow the steps listed here. (Click to check friends/family zip code.) This step can be tricky, so if you prefer to get in touch, we can handle the details for you over the phone or via email. See contact info at the bottom of the screen.

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